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Mats & Glazing


We offer the full line of Bainbridge, Crescent and Rising brand museum boards. This allows us to pick, for instance, the exact shade of white to match the paper of your artwork. All the matting in our shop is done to very strict archival standards. All materials are ph neutral and all hinging is reversible. 



The diagram below shows the many layers needed to properly mount a work on paper. If the piece is to be floated we insert spacers under the rabbet of the frame to provide the air pocket needed to protect from moisture damage.




French Mats

Hand drawn lines and washes custom designed to perfectly compliment art work.


Fabric Mats

Silk and linen wrapped mats come in an array of colors and textures.


 Linen and silk mats with deep, gilded submat options.


 Hand wrapped silk and linen in thickness options up to 5/8" deep with bevel radius.



These easels are custom made to fit the back of all natures of frames. Often antique silver photo frames require new easels and spandrels as the originals deteriorate. We also reline jewelry boxes.




Selecting the right glazing is an important decision to make. Both glass and acrylic options are available. The most important feature is that it have UV blocking properties. Modern anti-reflective glass is optically coated to provide excellent clarity. Avoid older types of non-glare glass as the frosted surface makes it difficult to see the art clearly especially with a mat.

The most damage from UV energy is caused by sunlight. Even if the artwork is not in direct sunlight, reflected light in the room can still be quite harmful. Fluorescent light will also fade artwork. Tungsten lighting emits the least amount of UV but keep in mind that the dominant type of light in homes is sunlight through windows. The colors on the right hand side of the spectrum will be affected more quickly so the fading is not just overall lightening but the color balance slowly changes until you are left with primarily blues. We need light to view artwork so it is very important to protect by using glazing that screens the damaging rays.





Below are the types of glass we offer and their properties

Tru Vue Museum Glass

 99% UV protection, anti-reflective, available up to 48" X 68"

Tru Vue Optium

Acrylic, shatter resistant, 99% UV protection, anti-reflective, available up to 72" X 120"

 OP3 Plexiglas

Acrylic, shatter resistant, 99% UV protection, available up to 60 X 96

Tru Vue AR Reflection-Free

Anti-reflective, available up to 40" X 60"

Picture glass

Inexpensive option if protection from UV rays not needed and glare is not an issue

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