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Reviews By Real People

My favorite part of the framing process is presenting my clients with their finished work. There’s an anxious moment as I unwrap the piece and then a sigh of relief and a smile when they see the job well done. This section displays the many diverse framing projects we have completed.

Ursula framed this large print for us in the early 90’s.  At that time we were delighted with her artistic eye, her professionalism, and her caring.  Over the years Ursula has continued to frame art for us - she is a pleasure to work with.  

"When we have something truly special that needs framing, we take it to Ursula. Photographs, etchings and family portraits have all been enhanced by her artistic judgement and meticulous craftsmanship. When we inherited this 19th century Japanese silk textile of red-crowned cranes, there was no question as to who would frame it. Ursula helped us pick the frame, subtly restored the silk stitching where needed and advised us as to which museum-quality glass would best preserve the vibrant red crowns and prevent veiling reflections. It now hangs where we view it everyday. We couldn't be happier. Thank you, Ursula!"

"Ursula has a great eye in suggesting the appropriate frame. The quality of the workmanship that comes out of her shop is exceptional. Always very happy with the results."

"Perfect! It's exactly what I didn't realize I wanted!"


"I have had this poster since the late 70’s. It's a prized possession and the framing is perfect."

"I was introduced to Ursula by a family friend and I don’t know how I ever managed without her. This is the first of several family pieces that I brought to her for re-framing. This particular portrait required some restoration. She orchestrated the entire process and then worked with me to select the perfect frame. Thanks to Ursula, this family portrait is now professionally restored, expertly framed and ready to be enjoyed for many years to come."

"I have been going to Ursula for my framing needs for several years now. When asked who does my framing, I confidently tell people that there is only one person to see — Ursula. Quite simply, she is an artist. She has an incredible eye for detail, and always finds a way to frame artwork in a fashion that brings it to life without ever overpowering it, even for difficult to frame works like the Chuck Close shown here. Equally important to me, Ursula is a true professional. There are few people that I trust will care for my artwork the way I do. Ursula is one of them. I can honestly say that her work always exceeds my expectations. Thanks, Ursula!"


"Ursula has framed virtually everything in our house and my office! She’s the best! She beautifully framed and French-matted my Catesby fish."


"I was referred to Ursula Hobson by a friend when a piece of art needed professional restoration and re-framing.  I am extremely pleased with the results and I would highly recommend their services!"


"I have been a devoted Ursula Hobson fan for many, many years.  Ursula frames all of my paintings with such attention to detail.  She has great style and taste.  Often, people will comment on my paintings and they invariably ask, 'Who framed them?'  Everyone is always highly impressed with the frames, the matting, etc.  Ursula makes my paintings come alive.  I will continue to have her frame my paintings and photos. She is the consummate professional with great integrity and we always have a fun time picking out the frames. She is the best of the best! Thank you Ursula for your fine work!!!"


 "All I can say is your Fabulous frame pulled everything together, and I was able to go to the unveiling with CONFIDENCE!  That was Huge!"

Portrait of Jane G. Pepper by artist Penelope Harris presented at the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society Awards Celebration and Recognition Event

"This is the first piece of original art we needed to have framed. Ursula helped us find a great frame to match our piece and mounted it the way we imagined when we purchased. The process was so easy we're excited about the next piece we need to have framed!"


"Ursula, while my ideas for a frame were all over the place, you knew exactly the look that this very large 19c. French painting needed. Thank you for creating this exquisite frame, that is a work of art in itself. I really love it."


"The framing of my map is simply marvelous! I am always astounded at how your choices of wood and finish and matte enhance the visual presentation of an antique map. Many thanks for your exceptional craftsmanship and artistry."



"These exquisite baby clothes (a dress and christening dress) were made by my grandmother and her mother circa 1880’s. My mother, Bessie Mill Lane kept them safe for almost 60 years and I inherited them when she died at 91 in Clemson, South Carolina. Wanting to preserve them from moths, I got Ursula to frame them for my daughters Claire Berg Meyerowitz and Margot Berg four generations later."

"As a designer, I find it very interesting to work with Ursula. She has a great eye for color, texture and proportion and as a result, her frameworks really enhance and dignify both artworks and interiors. For this watercolor of a parthenon Frieze sculpture, Ursula steered me towards a linen backdrop and a wide walnut frame. The treatment quietly emphasizes the age of the stone and the grace of the carving so skillfully executed by artist Wendy Artin. It's absolutely perfect in my dining room."




"This beautiful Japanese scroll was too brittle to move. Ursula gave me the guidance and supplies to safely transport it to her shop. There, she helped me make decisions about a suitable frame to retain the feel of the original scroll. Her staff did a remarkable job of repairing the faded area and matching the new top and bottom edges with the original fabric on the sides. I am thrilled that the painting on the scroll is now safe, and I can easily take it with me to Oregon."


"We are delighted to use Ursula to do the restoration and framing for all of our art work. Here at Ursula's we can depend on receiving exceedingly professional guidance and execution for any restoration issues as well as having her tasteful good judgment in selecting matting and framing appropriate to the art work. It is a pleasure in this day and age to have this type of high quality service available in Philadelphia."


"Ursula is an expert at helping to choose complementary frames for art work. It's always a pleasant surprise to see the finished result."


"We thought our little illumination was nice when we got it, we just didn't realize how nice it was until you framed it. Your framing always makes things beautiful."


"Every year, we return from a celebratory birthday pilgrimage to Key West with an Audubon print. Every year, Ursula works her magic to transform the muted print into a vibrant addition to our collection."


"Set of architectural prints for my office, restored to remove old mat stains before being mounted."


"I was inspired by the Pat Metheny composition The Way Up and the feeling of walking through Central Park."



"I can’t think of anywhere else to go to get a fantastic piece framed. The way Ursula and her team work... they make a frog into a prince. From fixing a problem to making magic happen, there isn’t a team that can do better. My son-in-law and I are thankful we found them. Keep making beautiful framing happen. Thanks for all the hard work."


"My objective was to preserve and exhibit a two-sided historic document, the portraits of two related personages with an accompanying brief comment on its' significance by an acknowledged authority. The artistic presentation and quality of workmanship was outstanding and I am proud to display it."

"The drawing I am seen here admiring was made by the great caricaturist Al Hirschfeld in 1999 when he was 96 years old. His subject is the thorny atonal and 12-tone composer Arnold Schoenberg,  looking especially cerebral as he struggles to find the next note in the presumably abstruse composition upon which he is working. I am planning to hang it opposite another Hirschfeld drawing of the Marx Brothers raucously playing their own musical instruments (even Groucho is brandishing a pair of horns) and to let the two pieces play off each and create some unique and delightful dissonances. As she always manages to do, Ursula Hobson has carefully and thoughtfully framed the Schoenberg to enhance the inherent qualities of the drawing."


"This flag was purchased on the top of Mt Fuji, next to the crater, when I was eleven years old. It was then meant to be attached to a so-called 'Fuji pole', a wooden stick about 5 feet tall, used when climbing the mountain. There is an old Japanese saying: He who comes to Japan and does not climb Fuji is a fool; he who climbs Fuji twice is a greater fool. The flag has been folded in a drawer for many years. I am very pleased now to have it so beautifully framed and on display."


"These charming paintings have been in my family for as long as I can remember. Having them reframed has made them more beautiful than I could have imagined!"


Antique campaign handkerchief


"The watercolor was remounted into an old French mat and frame. The mat was sealed and lined to prevent damage."



"My beautiful boat Sara newly painted and framed!"

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